Ho‘oikaika Partnership May 4, 2015 FREE Early Childhood Development Training Event

Ho‘oikaika Partnership is excited to welcome Dr. James Perrin and Dr. Ellen Perrin to Maui for a special training event combining two lectures and dinner with the speakers. 

Supporting Children’s Resilience through Grassroots Advocacy and Responsive Early Childhood Systems
Developing Comprehensive Systems for Screening, Surveillance, Referral and Follow-Up for Children Age 0-5

Presentation purpose: 
Multidisciplinary discussion of comprehensive strategies for supporting Maui's youngest children who are born into toxic stress environments, poverty, and other high-risk circumstances and/or who are in need of special services to get or remain on track developmentally. 

Presentation objectives:
At the end of the evening, attendees will be able to:
  • identify current local initiatives related to timely developmental and behavioral screening, referral, and follow-up for children birth to three, particular those most at risk.
  • identify current barriers parents and providers are facing with screening, referrals, follow-up.
  • discuss how we as a community of providers/organizations/initiatives can come together to ensure that screenings are happening, that referrals are coordinated, and follow up/transitions to programs are tracked and shared in ways that most benefit children and families.
  • understand children’s resilience in the broad spectrum of positive, tolerable and toxic stress environments in the first 1,000 days.
  • build program capacity to support building children’s resilience growing up in toxic stress environments particularly in the critical first three years. 
  • promote grassroots advocacy for resiliency-supportive policies at program and state levels with a wide range of early childhood health, early learning and family support providers serving children birth to three and their families.
Who should attend:
  • physicians
  • nurses
  • social workers
  • physician's assistants
  • home visitors
  • therapists
  • teachers
  • administrators of child-serving organizations
  • social services providers
The event begins at 4pm with a presentation by Dr. Ellen Perrin. Dinner will be served from 5 - 6:15pm (free for attendees), and Dr. James Perrin will speak from 6:15 -8pm. CME status pending.

Please circulate this notice widely throughout Maui County. For more information, email Ho‘oikaika Partnership coordinator Karen Worthington or call 808-214-9336.

This event is sponsored by the Ho‘oikaika Partnership with funding from the Hawai‘i Children's Trust Fund, Prevent Child Abuse Hawai‘i, Department of Health and Child Abuse Prevention Planning Council.

Dr. James Perrin

Supporting Children’s Resilience through Grassroots Advocacy and Responsive Early Childhood Systems

Promise of Grassroots Advocacy


Dr. Perrin has taken on the American Academy of Pediatric’s important issues of toxic stress and poverty – two great threats to the promise of a child – in the context of great change in the environment for health care.

…Children are still the poorest demographic group in the United States. And the rate of child poverty is still far higher than it is in other prosperous countries…

We know that poverty blunts the promise of a child – and we know that programs and policies can really make a difference….We also know much more about other social determinants of health, including race/ethnicity, gender and disability. And we know that, ultimately, the greatest inequality in America is not in wealth … but in the even greater gap of opportunity.

There is no more powerful symbol of this inequality than two babies born on the same day in the same city … but on opposite sides of town … and with totally different lives ahead of them.

One reason our country has not made more progress is that our interventions come too late …

and too far downstream. If there’s one overarching theme from the past few decades of research about how to break the cycle of poverty in the U.S., it’s the power of parenting and intervening early, ideally in the first year or two of life … and even before a child is born.

Dr. Ellen Perrin

Developing Comprehensive Systems for Screening, Surveillance, Referral and Follow-Up for Children Age 0-5

Dr. Perrin will discuss the question "How do we move forward in developing a comprehensive system for screening and surveillance, referral and follow up services for children birth to five and their families?" 

She will also provide an overview of the Survey of Wellbeing of Young Children (SWYC), a comprehensive screen she has developed. The SWYC is unique because it combines all critical aspects of child development in one survey: cognitive, motor, and language development, social and emotional development, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and family risk factors (i.e. depression, alcohol and drug abuse and parental conflicts). The SWYC was the first survey in which all these important aspects could be examined and analyzed in one screening instrument.  The SWYC is quick to complete (an average of 15 minutes), with clear, easy-to-answer questions. Designed for children five years old and younger, the SWYC is completely free, easily administered by computer or phone and is available in Spanish; questions are short, self-explanatory and can be answered in a yes/no/maybe format.