Welcome Mighty Midgets, Parents and Guardians, Community Members, & Visiting Guests, to the School Counseling Corner!  My name is Ms. LaRose, I am the K-12 Counselor at the Butternut School District.  The purpose of this website is to serve as a resource for all students, parents and guardians, as well as the surrounding community.  This website is designed to assist students as they begin mapping their futures and to provided resources for parents and guardians as well. Here users can find information about colleges, financial aid, FASFA, work study, Youth Options, and much, much more. Please use the site-tab, located on the lefthand side of the page, to navigate throughout this website. 

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The School Counseling mission is to provide a comprehensive counseling program that attends to the personal/social, academic, and career preparation/college planning needs of all students. Services include group and individual counseling, academic support (educational accommodations and interventions), crisis intervention, career and college planning, and student and family advocacy. Our goal is to promote a commitment to life-long learning, personal and academic growth, and to aid students in becoming responsible, culturally aware and productive members of society. This foundation will be supported and further strengthened by consultation with educators, administrators, parents, and community advocates.


The School Counselor counsels students in the classroom, in small group settings, and individually, focusing on student needs and growth based on normal developmental stages. The School Counselor consults with teachers, parents, administrators and community service providers to assist students. The School Counselor coordinates national testing, local testing, career planning, AODA programming and community involvement to benefit and enhance the education of every student. 

Classroom Guidance
Guidance curriculum is presented in the classroom, to all students, throughout the year. Curriculum units focus on academic guidance, personal/social topics and career exploration. The school counselor will teach these units in the classroom setting throughout the school year. 

Group Counseling
The School counselor provides small group counseling to students who have common needs/concerns. These groups are intended to support students in making positive decisions and to learn to successfully manage personal concerns. Student participation in a group counseling is voluntary and needs parent permission. Group topics vary from year to year. See your student's counselor for further information.  

Individual Counseling
School counselors provide individual counseling to students as needed, to support and guide students with academic concerns, personal/social concerns, and career questions. Counselors are always available to provide short-term supportive services in any emergency situation. Students may self-refer or refer other students. Parents, teachers, administrators, and support staff may also refer students to the counselor. Information shared with the counselor by the student is confidential within the legal guidelines established mandatory reporting laws.