The Eight Exercises

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Join us for a morning devoted to making us stronger, more flexible and improving our balance.





Who Should Attend?

This workshop is open to anyone who would like to:

  • Improve their physical strength
  • Improve core stability and balance
  • Develop flexibility

What are The Eight Exercises?

The “8 Exercises” teach the integration of body alignment principles with the wave like flow associated with T’ai Chi. They teach us to use our bodies in the most bio-mechanically efficient way, expending the least effort to generate the maximum result in terms of output or work. The result: we can achieve more for longer, with less effort. They loosen the neck, shoulders, upper back and chest whilst strengthening our foundations. They can teach us to create power through our structure and elasticity rather than through muscular effort or brute force.

Smooth, slow, rhythmic movements engender calmness and clear thought processes. They also relax the 

breathing muscles and so deepen the breath, making it more efficient. This allows more Qi to be accumulated and promotes its free circulation throughout the body. If the Qi is abundant and flows smoothly then one will be symptom free and grow in vitality.

Weekly classes are great for working with other people, teachers and fellow students alike. However, the time afforded by a workshop allows one to delve much deeper into the ocean that is T'ai Chi. Come and join us for a relaxed morning of practice and discussion, interspersed with tea-drinking!

One need not be a student of T’ai Chi to appreciate this series of exercises as they are a form of Chi Kung in their own right.

Workshop components:


discussion of the general principles that run through all the exercises and the unique  characteristics of each exercise

Large group practice:

each exercise will be taught and practiced with the whole group

Paired practice:

we will split into pairs to practice each exercise with the benefit of feedback from a partner.

When is the next workshop?

The next workshop is:

When:  To Be Advised

Time: To Be Advised

Location:  To Be Advised

Special Offer:

Introduce a friend* and get your own fee half price!

 *Offer open to all people bringing a friend who is new to Lifestyles Healing and Martial Arts.

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Booking and Workshop Fees

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Fees: £20 in advance; £25 on the door

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Paypoints:  Credit card payments via this website; in person at weekly classes or at our clinic on Moor Lane; by post to 41 Moor Lane, North Hykeham, Lincoln LN6 9AE.

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Student Testimonials 

Diane Duell

'A passionate approach to teaching mixed with a great sense of humour makes a LIFESTYLE approach to learning at Sean's workshops.'

Claire Morrison

'A good grounding with inspiration to learn more.'

Elena Munns

'An enjoyable way to explore the core concepts of movement and energy development within Taijiquan that was presented in a format that allows its use as a stand alone Qigong set.'

Steve Nice

'There was a lot of information to take in, but, complex exercises were broken down into manageable chunks and demonstrated in an effective light hearted manner that only Sean could deliver. I would definitely recommend this.'

Clive Staniland

'A very enjoyable Saturday morning experience that was very relaxing and delivered in a very professional way by Sean Barkes.'