T'ai Chi Ball Chi Kung Workshop

Learn how to achieve more for less effort, build stronger foundations and improve the flexibility and strength of your joints.

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Who Should Attend?

This workshop is open to anyone who would like to:

  • Improve their physical strength
  • Improve core stability and balance
  • Develop flexibility
  • Develop power in our movements
  • Develop a sense of calm

Absolute beginners interested in developing a calm focused mind and a stronger, more flexible body.

Chi Kung students interested in developing their knowledge of this ancient health art further.

T’ai Chi students who wish to improve their T’ai Chi through this, unique, Chi Kung practice.

For Chi Kung students T’ai Chi Ball Chi Kung teaches the principles of energy transmission, with the wave like flow associated with T’ai Chi. It teaches us to direct energy through our bodies in a fluid manner, expending the least effort to generate the maximum result in terms of output or work. The result: we can achieve more for longer, with less effort in our daily lives. The exercises make the joints more pliable and strengthen our foundations (legs and waist). They teach us to generate power through mechanical structure and the body tissues’ elasticity, rather than through muscular effort or brute force.

For T’ai Chi Students In addition to the Chi Kung benefits, it also has specific benefits for T’ai Chi students. T’ai Chi Ball Chi Kung is common practice in both external and internal martial arts in China. It can strengthen the torso, condition the muscles, and increase physical power by using the mind to lead the Chi. In T’ai Chi practice, T’ai Chi Ball Chi Kung training was once a major training tool to enhance Pushing Hands ability.

What is T'ai Chi Ball Chi Kung?

For those who study, or would like to study T'ai Chi Chuan, T'ai Chi Ball Chi Kung provides an ideal way of practicing and building an intimate knowledge of how energy is created and generated through our bodies.  It allows us to deeply understand and refine the way we move in order to maintain a seamless flow in the T'ai Chi Chuan sequence.

For those that wish to practice T'ai Chi Ball Chi Kung as a stand-alone set of Chi Kung Exercises, they provide a useful set to relearn natural, healthy and therefore efficient ways of moving and performing activities. Movement co-ordinated with deep, relaxed breathing makes for a calm state of mind and a strong body.

Furthermore the smooth, slow, rhythmic movements engender calmness and clear thought processes. They also relax the breathing muscles and so deepen the breath, making it more efficient. This allows more Chi to be accumulated and promotes its free circulation throughout the body. If Chi is abundant and flows smoothly then we will be symptom free and feel a sense of vitality.

Why attend a workshop?

Weekly classes are great for working with other people, teachers and fellow students alike.  However, the time afforded by a workshop allows one to, concentrate on a specific area of practice and ultimately delve much deeper into the ocean that is Chi Kung.

Workshop Components

Introduction: discussion of the general principles that run through each set

Large group practice: each set will be taught and practiced with the whole group

oh, and there will be plenty of time for tea and laughter :o)
Paired practice: we will split into pairs to practice each set with the benefit of feedback from a partner

When is the next Tai Chi Ball Chi Kung workshop?

To Be Advised 

Booking and Workshop Fees

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Fees: £20 in advance; £25 on the door

Payment methods:   Cash, cheque or credit card.

Paypoints:  Credit card payments via this website; in person at weekly classes or at our clinic on Moor Lane; by post to 41 Moor Lane, North Hykeham, Lincoln LN6 9AE.

Please make cheques payable to Sean Barkes          


Special Offer:

 *offer open to all people bringing a friend who is new to Lifestyles Healing and Martial Arts. Payment to be made via a single transaction for both attendees in advance of the workshop to take advantage of this offer.Introduce a friend* and get your own fee half price!

I look forward to seeing you there.





Sean Barkes

Chief Instructor.