Quiescent Chi Kung Workshop



Why not take time out from the hectic pace of modern life and learn how to truly relax.

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Who should attend?

Absolute beginners interested in developing a calm focused mind.

Chi Kung students interested in developing their knowledge of this ancient health art further.

T’ai Chi students who wish to improve their T’ai Chi through this unique Chi Kung practice.

What is Quiescent Chi Kung About?

Modern life emphasises speed, complexity and achievement. These are all yang activities. When we emphasise only the Yang aspect of ourselves it creates disharmony in our lives. The result is often confused thought, over-thinking, frustration and a general sense of agitation. We can never completely ‘come down’. In fact, we often have no awareness of the state we are in until we experience the opposite. This way of living can cause the body’s organs to run too fast cause heat leading to internal damage over a long period of time. This is very clearly reflected in my clinical experience.

At some point, the Yang starts to dwindle, becomes worn out, it can flip over into the opposite manifestation – cold.

So to avoid this state of affairs we need to balance Yang activities with Yin activities. This law is also reflected in exercise regimes that over-emphasise muscle compression and development. These activities need to be balanced with stretching the muscles and opening the joints if our bodies are not to become stiff and contracted, inhibiting the free circulation of Qi and blood.

Why Attend This Workshop

This four hour workshop is designed as an antidote to the modern pace of life, giving us a punctuation to be able to see just how tense we have been without noticing it. We will also experience just how deeply relaxed we can become. We will experience a state in which we can more rationally reflect upon the course of our lives. 

Workshop components:

  • Supine relaxation
  • Standing relaxation – partner practice
  • Sitting meditation
  • Standing meditation
  • Walking meditation
  • Eating meditation
  • Communing with nature
  • Visualisations
  • Reflective practice

Bring note pad and pen – participants need not share their reflections unless they so wish, so you can be honest and open with yourself without fear of disclosure.

oh, and hopefully we might take time to laugh :o)

When is the Next Workshop

The next workshop is:

When:  To Be Advised

Time: To Be Advised


The event will be held at the peaceful venue of Rosewell Shiatsu Centre, which is located in the middle of beautiful countryside.

We will meet at All Saints Church Car Park at 08:30 ready to leave for Castle Bytham in as fewer cars as possible by 08:45.

We will be treated to a whole food lunch, the ingredients for which you will be able to see growing around you, this lunch will be specially prepared for you and served by the centre, you will have the opportunity to learn preparation techniques and ask questions after the meal.

Booking and Workshop Fees

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Fees: £30 in advance; £35 on the door (this includes lunch)

Payment methods:   Cash, cheque or credit card.

Paypoints:  Credit card payments via this website; in person at weekly classes or at our clinic on Moor Lane; by post to 41 Moor Lane, North Hykeham, Lincoln LN6 9AE.

Please make cheques payable to Sean Barkes

Special Offer:

Introduce a friend* and get your own fee half price!

 *offer open to all people bringing a friend who is new to Lifestyles Healing and Martial Arts. Payment to be made via a single transaction for both attendees in advance of the workshop to take advantage of this offer.


Amanda Holland-Lee

'The workshop left me feeling full on life.'

Barrie Moore

'The ingredients and flavour of the day were as good as the food!'

Elena Munns

'Through this workshop my practice has attained a new perspective and depth.'

Jason Bowen

'Relaxed and calm, Bird songs from the farm, Tea tasted nice, the rocket had too much spice!'

Lynne Alexander

'A tranquil treat for body, mind and senses.'

Ian Jones

'Thought provoking!'

Margaret Owen

'Calm awareness of nature to take away.'

Jenny Stillyards

'Peaceful and Calming'

Lee Ward

'Fandabidozi, Thumbs up.'