Liangong Shibafa - Liangong in 18 Exercises

Join us for a morning devoted to making us stronger, more flexible and improving our balance.

This workshop is now on offer! 

2 Person booking now only £30.00 down from £50.00!!

Who Should Attend?



This workshop is open to anyone who would like to:

o            Improve their physical strength

o            Improve core stability and balance

o            Develop flexibility

What is Liangong?

Liangong is a relatively modern form of Qigong. It consists of 3 groups of 6 exercises. The first group address the neck and shoulder girdle, second group the waist and torso, third group the pelvic girdle and legs. It is based upon classical styles such as '5 animal play' and 8 pieces of brocade' but simpler in its approach.

I often use it in the clinic, prescribing specific exercises for patients’ particular problems with very good results. It expedites the effect of acupuncture treatment in these cases. So, any patients out there still doing that exercise I taught you, fancy learning the rest of the system for the whole body?

It's a good system for regaining, developing and maintaining flexibility within our bodies.

Workshop Components

We will start the session with a structured explanation of general Qigong theory and then discuss how this specifically relates toLiangong.

This is an excellent opportunity for those who enjoyed the previous Liangong workshop to have a refresher and to go into greater detail.

As with the last workshop, there will be learning materials issued so that each participant can go away a

nd revisit what they have learned and dig deeper if so desired.

A good opportunity to ask those questions, that you never had chance to ask at the last workshop, or in classes.

We have plenty of time for tea breaks with question and answer sessions.

This is a particularly exciting workshop for me to deliver as, for only the third time, I will have the opportunity to relate the theoretical aspects of Qigong that are so important in gaining a firm understanding of what Qigong tries to achieve, how it achieves it and how we can adjust our practice to get more out of it.

I am looking forward to sharing this system with you.


When is the next workshop?

The next workshop is:

When:  To Be Advised
Time: To Be AdvisedLocation:  To Be Advised

Special Offer:Introduce a friend* and get your own fee half price!

 *Offer open to all people bringing a friend who is new to Lifestyles Healing and Martial Arts.  Payment to be made via a single transaction, for both attendees in advance of the workshop, to take advantage of this offer.

Booking and Workshop Fees

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Fees: £20 in advance; £25 on the door

Payment methods:   Cash, cheque or credit card.

Paypoints:  Credit card payments via this website; in person at weekly classes or at our clinic on Moor Lane; by post to 41 Moor Lane, North Hykeham, Lincoln LN6 9AE.

Please make cheques payable to Sean Barkes

Student Testimonials

Kevin Money

'An inspirational insight into Liangong!'


Bud Stevens

'The Liangong Workshop was developed a key to my morning wake up. Not only does the Chi begin to flow but it's a comfortable way to begin my day.'


Jenny Stillyards

'Good energy, good feeling, good day.'


Diane Duell

'Fascinatingly informative, stimulatingly active with time enough for tea and eats. : )'


Claire Morrison

'A new experience, knowledge shared, laughs, tea and muffins - a very worthwhile workshop!'


Elena Munns

'A well planned, well executed workshop that delivered exactly what it advertised in a warm supportive and friendly atmoshphere.'