The Benefits of Tai Chi and Chi Kung Practice

The benefits of Tai Chi and Chi Kung practice can be categorised into three broad groups:

  1. Physical

    1. Strengthens the physically body (muscles, joints, bones)

    2. Improves softness and flexibility (especially of the waist, pelvis and hips)

    3. Develops stability and balance

    4. Develops sensitivity (ability to respond swiftly and appropriately to external stimuli

    5. Develops leg strength

    6. Improves agility

    7. Quickens reaction speed

    8. Develops mechanical efficiency (adding strength to our movements through the use of mechanical advantage derived from correct posture and movement rather than brute force

    9. Delays aging

    10. Self defense

    11. Boosts brain volume

    12. Helps prevent disease

  2. Mental

    1. Alleviates the effects of stress and facilitates relaxation

    2. Aids in the management of depression and anxiety

    3. Improves focus

    4. Promotes calm

    5. Relieves Anxiety

    6. Improves balance and coordination

    7. Reduces Fatigue

    8. Improves Memory

  3. Spiritual

    1. Gradually changes our perception of reality and our response to life’s challenges.

  4. Other
    1. Improved sleep
    2. Strengthens the immune system
    3. Benefits the heart
    4. Prevents falls, a significant problem in the elderly
    5. Improves respiratory function and may, indeed, help manage asthma
    6. Beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes

Benefits for Medical conditions
Regular Practice can be helpful for some medical condition, such as:
    1. Arthritis. 
    2. Stroke. 
    3. Sleep problems.
    4. Parkinson's disease.
    5. Hypertension. 
    6. Heart failure. 
    7. Heart disease. 
    8. Breast cancer. Low bone density. 
    9. Fibromyalgia
    10. Depression
    11. Delay's the onset of incurable Alzheimer's
    12. Multiple sclerosis