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Movement is essential for our health. Many of our bodily systems rely upon movement for their proper functioning. The Chinese have developed specialised exercises to maintain the proper functioning of the human body.


Tai Chi and Chi Kung are examples of Chinese therapeutic exercise. These work differently to modern types of western exercise, which often concentrates upon the cardiovascular system and the visual aspect of muscles, which often results in contracted muscles and closed joint spaces.

The regular practice of Tai Chi and Chi Kung is able to actively encourage these functions in your body. With help from our experienced teachers, our Lincoln classes allow you to be healthier, and have fun while achieving that goal.


Tai Chi and Chi Kung seek to lengthen muscles, open joints and encourage the free circulation of Qi and blood throughout the whole body, not just the muscular frame but also the internal organs.


During the practice of Tai Chi and Chi Kung, the student learns to feel the subtle circulations within their body. Anyone who has seen the amazing demonstrations of physical prowess of elderly Shaolin monks will understand the incredible potential of such exercises.

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Benefits of Tai Chi and Chi Kung Practice

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