Kindergarten NGSS in the Garden Lessons

Kindergarten Unit Summary
Kinder classes will engage in lessons to learn what plants are and what they need to live and grow. We will care for and eat plants in the garden. In the Spring Kinder classes will plant and observe/record popcorn growth. A class data sheet will be passed on to First grade classes to continue observations and harvest. In the Fall, Kindergarten classes will harvest and observe dry beans using observation and math skills.

Kindergarten NGSS in the Garden Lessons

Disciplinary Core Idea Kinder: LS.1.C. Organization for Matter and Energy Flow in Organisms - All animals need food in order to live and grow. They obtain their food from plants or from other animals. Plants need water and light to live and grow.

Lesson 1: Introduction to the Garden - Students make group agreements, learn a welcome song and explore new growth in the garden while participating in a scavenger hunt.

Lesson 2: Pick the Plant - In this pre-assessment activity, students engage in argument from evidence to classify objects according to whether or not they think they are plants. They use their ideas to develop a list of characteristics unique to plants and a list of questions they have about plants.

Lesson 3: What Plants Need - Students discover what plants need in order to grow; reinforce this idea with a skit; and then go on a garden exploration focused on what plants need to live and grow, and where they get what they need.

Lesson 4: Seed Packets - Students make and fill seed packets to take home. They record on them what their plants will need to live and grow: sun, soil, water and air.

Lesson 5: Food Factories - Students explore the garden to look for plants eaten by humans and those eaten by other animals to reinforce the idea that plants produce food for animals.

Lesson 6: From Plant to Plate - In this post-assessment activity, students develop a model to show that animals, including humans, need plants to live and grow; and plants need water, light, air, and minerals to live and grow.

Edible Option - Lesson 7: From Plant to Plate, Part 2 - In this edible activity, students harvest and prepare a garden-fresh snack.