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After-School Garden Programs

Blooming Classroom Field Trips offered by Life Lab and PVUSD Extended Learning
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The Blooming Classroom

After-School Gardening Programs
Many Watsonville schools have strong Garden Nutrition After-school programming ran through PVUSD Extended Learning.

Many of these classes cover the following.


After school 10 week garden education plan:

1.       6 Plant Parts – Planting, eating, and identifying

2.       Eat a Rainbow – Colors give us super powers

3.       Empty calories vs. Full Calories – Uncovering the truth behind foods

4.       Investigating Food Labels and Understanding Healthy Choices

5.       Whole Grains – threshing/winnowing/milling grain into nutritious pancakes or tortillas

6.       Power Plate – Grow, glow, and go foods on our plate

7.       Interdependence and Life Cycles – Bees and Pollinators

8.       F.B.I. – Natures Decomposers and Nutrient Cycles

9.       Water Cycle – Our dependence on water flow

10.   Garden Harvest and Cooking together