$1 Sample of the Month

$1 Sample of the Month

These are NOT teas that we are trying to get rid of, but rather teas that we believe many people would fall in love with once getting a chance to taste them. Each sample is only $1, much lower than the regular price. The purpose of it is to make sampling easy and affordable to puerh lovers.

$1 sample of each tea is limited to 1 sample for each buyer. But buyers are always welcome to take $1 sample offers of different teas.

2006 Chang Tai "Seven Star - Alkaid"

We've prepared  20 packs of this tea for sample offering. The offer is valid till May 2014,  or while the prepared samples last. 
This will be a 10 g sample. 

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Production Year


Production Season


Production Region



Chang Tai




 357 g

Price per unit 

 $60 per cake

Product #


Why we chose this tea?
A very good mid-aged tea at a good price. 
The tea was stored in Guangzhou till 2012, and in Massachusetts since then. It's a very clean and aged nicely, and the storage is relatively dry for Guangdong region. 

The tea is a typical style of aged sheng made of Menghai leaves. It doesn't have a lot of aroma, but has nice liquor texture and great potential to be further aged. 

$1 Sample Limited Edition - "Guevara shu"

This will be a 20g sample. 

More photos can be found here. More information about this tea can be found here

This tea is NOT our regular product. The $1 charge of this tea will only cover part of the sample processing and handling costs. We will not be able to afford selling this tea at $1 for 20g as a regular product, and it's not a practical size (the whole brick is 1kg) for us to carry it as a regular product. Therefore, as a limited edition sample, we can only sell this sample to people who are placing an order, and include this sample into the order. This sample will not be sold separately. This tea is limited to 1 sample for each order. And buyers are welcome to take this sample again when placing another order in future. 

The limited edition sample will be available while supply lasts. The purpose is to provide new and seasoned tea drinkers some experience of inexpensive shu with solid quality.