Did you know that 30% of the world's foods are dependent on some form of pollination? The honey bee is our most effective pollinator, and due to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) the insect is in decline. The majority of the Northern American and European and possibly Asian bee populations are at risk. China has been forced to introduce human pollinators. 

Africa posses the world’s largest wild bee populations, representing the greatest genetic diversity of the honey bee. We don't have a problem with CCD, but far too many bees are destroyed during unsustainable honey gathering practices.

The Living Forest Endeavour for Sofala generates income for rural families by incorporating a high-grade honey production with bee-friendly apiculture. Successful participants in the reforestation project are invited to join the bee-keeping project, which includes hive production, training and in-field services to ensure the highest possible harvest within the initial start up years. 

Honey is money to rural Mozambicans, and L4S is motivated to enable Mutondo families in rural Mozambique get the most out of there trees and then their bees. Bee-keepers sell their honey to Pro-Sofala Verde – PSV at above market rates. PSV dries the honey to prevent fermentation and resells the honey to urban populations at affordable prices.  PSV is a non-profit association with the same goals as L4S, revenue generated from the honey sales are reinvested into the project.

Living Forests Endeavour for Sofala generates durable income for the world's poorest, trees are saved by introducing alternatives to traditional ways of bee-keeping, in which trees are cut down, and the health benefits of first grade honey are made available to segments of the population that normally wouldn’t have access to it.

Your individual donation or corporate collaboration has the potential to change the lives of these families forever, and to help ensure the future of the world’s food supply, one tree and one bee at a time.

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