About Us

The Life4Sofala Foundation raises funds and awareness to assist the Mutondo community in Sofala Province, Mozambique to protect its natural heritage via ecologically sustainable income generation. 

Life4Sofala Foundation, Inc. (L4S) is a Public Charity 501(c) (3) registered in the United States since 2010.  

In 2010, members of the Life4Sofala Foundation, Celesta von Chamier and Jane Paisley, and onsite project management set out devising a long-term plan. The Living Forest Endeavour for Sofala that include Reforestation Sustainable Bee-keeping, sustainable agriculture (future) and eco-tourism (future). 

With time, Mozambican residents and citizens became more involved and a Mozambican Non-profit Association, Pro Sofala Verde (PSV)  was founded in 2013. PSV is a 100% financially independent organization, with its own fundraising activities within Mozambique.

Both organizations raise funds for the Living Forest Endeavour for Sofala. Additionally, PSV plays a major role in Mozambique on site project monitoring. The on site service provider is TCT Dalmann, which operates their sustainable forestry unit Catapú on communal lands.

L4S  is a partner member of the prestigious Seed Africa Award for 2014  which was awarded in September 2014. 

Catapu, Sofala Province, Mozambique