LCS Transcript Request Forms

To have your high school transcripts sent to the college(s) of your choice, please pick up a Transcript Request Form outside the guidance office or simply fill out the form below.  You will need to fill out one form for each college. We will send your first transcript at no charge.  Please note additional transcripts to be sent will cost $1.00 per request and requests must be submitted 5 days in advance.  * Additional transcripts will not be sent until payment is made.

Transcript Request Form

* Transcripts will not be sent if there is a hold on your account.

Central Christian College of Kansas

To request dual credit transcripts from Central Christian College of Kansas,
follow the steps listed below.

 CCC has began accepting electronic transcript requests through eScrip-Safe. We are also sending electronic transcripts. This is exciting both for our Academic Office and for students, because electronic transcripts are delivered quickly and securely. The Scrip-Safe ordering system also provides students with updates as their requests are processed.

 If you would like to assist students in the request process, please direct them to our website, The request portal is available through a link at the bottom of the page “Transcript Requests.” (direct link:

 The request process for the student involves making an individual student account and submitting a signed Consent Form. Once this setup is complete, the student is ready to request transcripts. It’s quite user-friendly, but do feel free to direct students to contact our office if they have questions not addressed by the instructions in the request portal. My contact information is located below my signature.

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Ruth A. Ong, Assistant Registrar

Central Christian College of Kansas

620-241-0723 ext. 316

Fax: 866-249-5086


 Dr. Dea Favara

Director of Dual Credit

Central Christian College

Work: 620-241-0723 x390

Fax: 620-241-4030

Cell: 620-480-0234