Welcome to AP Physics and Physics at LHHS
Physics is the study of matter and energy...in other words, the two things making up all of what we can see and interact with. We will learn about how matter behaves, and the role of energy in influencing that behavior, Further, we will learn how humans have discovered, and make use, of this information. My sincere hope is that the students gain an appreciation for the remarkable progress mankind has achieved in understanding the laws of the Universe and how we can use that knowledge to be better citizens our world.

AP Physics
The AP Physics curriculum is equivalent to a college physics course and is therefore quite rigorous. Students will need to think carefully, logically and deeply about physics concepts and the mathematical structure behind those concepts. There will be homework most days but typically limited to 30 minutes. Most of our labs will be "Discovery Labs", meaning that the students will have to design and conduct the lab based only on a provided objective. Test questions will almost always be drawn from prior AP tests so students will have extensive exposure to the level of understanding required to do well on the AP exam in May.

The non-AP classes will focus primarily on the key concepts of physics with special attention paid to physics in our daily lives. While there will be some math in the course, it is primarily going to be used to show how simple mathematical relationships can so accurately describe actions in our world. There will be limited homework and plenty of time in class will be devoted to simple problem solving.  Students are strongly encouraged to take good notes, as test questions will be drawn directly from material covered in class. Labs will mostly be "Prescription Labs", meaning the steps of the lab will be outlined for the students.