Instructional Materials/Textbooks
Instructional materials are defined as content addressing the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and include: books, supplementary materials, workbooks, computer software, magnetic media, DVD, CD-ROM, computer software, digital media, digital courseware, and online services.

The Commissioner of Education allots funds for the district to spend on instructional materials during a two-year period, and remaining funds may be carried forward. The district may use the state allotment to purchase materials that are not on either the list generated by the State Board of Education and Commissioner of Education. The district owns instructional materials that are purchased through the state allotment.

The district must certify that it has instructional materials that cover all elements of the TEKS of the required curriculum, other than physical education. A district team collaborates to analyze data to determine district needs and make recommendations for purchases. 

(from IMA Quick Reference Guide, ESC Region 10)

Contact: Sherry Hall, Special Programs Director
Students & Parents
I need to...
  • access online instructional materials for students

I need to...
  • access online instructional materials for teachers
  • request additional materials/licenses
  • report missing/damaged materials
  • review the list of adopted materials

I need to...
  • review the entire IM process
  • request new materials
  • request additional materials
  • request delivery of materials
  • manage inventory
  • submit an audit report