Liberty High School Senior Information

Last updated December 11, 2018
Class of 2019
Class President: Bob Bews
Vice-President:  Allison Smith
Secretary/Treasurer: Taylor Burton

Class Motto: "We may not have it all together, but together we have it all!" -Unknown
Class Colors: Black & Gold
Class Flower:  Sunflower
Class Song: "I'll Be There for You" -The Rembrandts


Prior to April 1, 2019: Seniors will need to turn in a senior portrait and a baby picture for the yearbook and three pictures for the slide show at graduation.

The yearbook will include a baby picture of each senior as well as a senior picture for any student who provides the pictures. 

    Three pictures of each student will be needed for the slide show at graduation. The yearbook staff would prefer one of these pictures to be a photo of the student as a baby. Close up pictures of the face work best. The baby picture can be the same one to be used in the yearbook, but it does not have to be. The remaining two pictures should include one childhood photo and one picture of the student as a senior.  These can all be casual shots; they do not have to be portrait or professional photos.

Actual paper photos can be placed in an envelope with the name of the student on the envelope and turned in to Mrs. Ball. The yearbook staff will scan the pictures and then return them. Please allow 2-4 weeks for this process to be completed.

Digital photos can be emailed to Mrs. Ball at

All photos must be turned in no later than April 1st, 2019

NO PHOTOS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER APRIL 1ST! There will be NO EXCEPTIONS so please arrange for senior photos to be taken before April 1st.


Please feel free to contact Jamie Ball or the high school office for any questions. Thank you.

Cap and gown orders: These are ordered through Jostens. All students should have ordered these when Jostens came to the school on September 24th. Any students who did not place an order have been notified by Ms. Ipock. Orders have been called in if the student requested a cap and gown. Payments may be made online at or mailed to Jostens at SEMO Graduation Products, P.O. Box 407, Ironton, MO 63650. You may also contact Jostens by phone at 573-516-7366. Personal checks will not be accepted after March 1, 2019.

Cap and gown orders will be delivered to the school in April. Ms. Ipock will deliver these to the students.


Contact Information
For all contacts, use the following telephone numbers with the extensions listed for each contact:

From Mtn. View: 417-934-2020
From Birch Tree or other exchanges: Toll free 877-225-9080

For questions about graduation (Jostens products, tux & drape photos, graduation ceremony, diplomas), or tux/drape/personality photos, contact me, Ms. Ipock. Please note that I rotate between the middle school and high school. Email is the surest way to reach me in whichever building I’m working:

Telephone extension: 2210 Email:
For questions about Jostens billing or order issues, contact the Jostens office: 573-546-7366

For questions about senior trip, fundraisers, class dues, homecoming or other class activities, contact the senior class sponsors, Mrs. Lisa Stephens or Mr. Mark Stephens
Mrs. Stephens     Email:
Mr. Stephens       Email: 

For questions about yearbook orders, the graduation slide show, or submitting senior pictures for the yearbook, contact
Mrs. Ball:

Mrs. Ball’s voicemail extension: 204 Email:

For questions about scheduling or credits, contact the guidance counselor, Mrs. Dudley:
Mrs. Dudley’s voicemail extension: 401 Email:

For questions about school policies, debt payment, or graduation eligibility, contact the Liberty High School Principal,
Mr. Daniels:

Mr. Daniels’ office extension: 400 Email: jdaniels@liberty.mvbt.k12.