Mountain View Elementary Announcements

May 2019

May 2019

5-1  4th Grade MAP Testing; Music Program Rehearsal 8:30 and 12:45
5-2  5th Grade and 4th Grade MAP Testing; 1st Grade to Mammoth Springs
5-3  Kindergarten Park Day; 4th and 5th Grade to Alley Springs

5-6  MVE Field Day; 1st Grade Nacho Day; 5th Grade Don't Meth with Me
5-7  5th grade MAP Testing; 1st Grade to Twin Pines; Creative Crew; K-2 Music Program @ 6pm
5-8  3rd Grade MAP Testing; 2nd Grade to Fun City; 4th Grade Skating
5-9  5th Grade and 3rd Grade MAP Testing; 1st Grade to Echo Bluff; 2nd Grade Park Day, 3-5 Music Program @ 6pm
5-10  Kindergarten to Springfield Zoo; 1st Grade Walk about Town; 3rd Movie/Popcorn Day (in class)

5-13  1st Grade Watermelon Day; 5th Grade to Springfield, 3rd Grade Park Day, Kindergarten Graduation
5-14  4th Grade to Springfield, 3rd Grade to Fun City; PK Park Day; 1st Grade to Big Springs; 5th Outdoor Bar-B-Que; PK Celebration 5- 7pm
5-15  1st Grade Park Day; @nd Grade Skating; 3rd Grade Skating; PK Outdoor Fun Day
5-16  Awards Assembly; 1st Grade Balloons and Bubbles; Dismiss @ 12:30 for LAST DAY!