Coaching Certification Info

You must hold the below items in order to be approved to coach in the state of Ohio.
CPR Certification: 
    1. Where?   Online @
    2. How Much?  Not Sure
    3. What do I do?  Contact Warren Red Cross @ (330) 392-2551 or Boardman Red Cross @ (330) 726-6063 for course offerings.  If you know of another provider to get your CPR feel free to contact them.

 BCI/FBI Background Check:


    1. Where? Online @  TCESC 330-505-2800 ext. 140.
    2. How Much? $60.00 for both FBI/BCI Check
    3. What Do I Do?  You will need the following items in order to complete the electronic Ohio BCII or FBI WebCheck:  A photo ID such as a driver’s license.   A money order for the proper amount as detailed below. Money orders are available at Marc’s, which is located in the same plaza as TCESC.
Sport Medicine License:


    1. Where?   Online @
    2. How Much?  $45.00 to take the class online.
    3. What do I do after I take the class?  Fill out this form ODE Permit Request Form with a $45.00 Check payable to “Treasurer, State of Ohio”


Fundamentals of Coaching:


    1. Where?   Online @
    2. How Much?  $65.00 to take the class online.
Concussion Protocol:

                1. Where?    Online @
                2. How Much?  Free online
                3. What Do I Do?  Print copy of the certificate online and present it to the BOE office

Lyndsay's Law:
               1. Where?  Online @
                 2. How much?  Free online
                 3. What do I Do?  Each year, coaches must review the Ohio Department of Health's new video and                             related fact sheet. Although districts may choose how they will verify completion, the Department                             encourages use of its Learning Management System (LMS). Access LMS through individual 
                    SAFE accounts. On the LMS homepage at top right, select the Course Catalog. Then search for                                 sudden cardiac arrest to find the course. After permit holders view the materials and pass  a short                             test, they can earn their certificates of completion. 


Helpful Links:


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