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This site is dedicated to the premise that all students are created equal, and are endowed with certain unalienable rights...  among these are the right to the same education as others, regardless of community, size of school, or tax base.
Bright Futures
Moore's Law states that technology capacity doubles every eighteen months.  For those of us who were born before the microwave and the PC, (and in my case, color TV) this can be daunting, but to today's youth, it is not only accepted as a way of life, but actually relied on.  liberal.k12.mo.usModern schools are tasked with having to instill in our students skills for careers that have not been created or even imagined yet.  Let's face it, smart phones and an "On Demand" life is already here.  Our nation needs its students to be prepared to face the future.

Quality is Job One
I take this task on remembering what I learned in a seminar, once.  The speaker suggested that the school's job is not to keep up with the latest software and technology, but rather to teach children what quality is and instill the creativity and desire to learn  so they can ride the wave of the future.

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