November Notes from the Office

We would like to thank the hard working parents of the Liberal PTO!  Our Mother/Son Superhero Night was a HUGE success!  It was so nice to see the pictures of all of the activities and outfits!  Thank you to all that worked in some way to make this a wonderful night of memories and thank you to all of the moms who took time out of their busy schedules to build those memories with their sons!  We can't wait until February for our Father/Daughter Dance!!

Parent-Teacher Conferences were held at the end of October and I would like to thank all of the parents who came in and visited with their child's teacher about their academic progress.  When parents are involved in their child's education, and have conversations with the teachers and their child about school, students see the value in their education and know that their effort and time is worthwhile here at school.  If you missed your conference time, please call the office and set up another time to meet with your child's teacher.  They would love to hear from you!

We are getting into cooler weather now and it is very important that your child dress appropriately for the weather.  Please make sure your child is not in shorts and that they have a jacket or coat for outside recess.  We try to go outside as much as possible during cold weather.  We have to work out the wiggles!

Please remember to call the office is your child is sick or not at school for any reason.  It is VERY important that they are here on time and present as much as possible.  When they miss, they are left out of vital learning conversations in the classroom.  These conversations are hard to duplicate and are meaningful for learning.

Please call BEFORE 2:00 if your child's end of the day plans change.  They will be sent to their "normal" drop off place if we do not get a phone call or note from you.  We will not take their word for it.

October Attendance Stars

Each month, we will be celebrating those students that miss one day or less.  We will be highlighting each grade level and the percentage of students that missed one day or less.  
K=19 students/25 total=76%          3rd=24 students/30 total=80%
1st=22 students/28 total=79%        4th=29 students/30 total=97%
2nd=31 students/35 total=86%        5th=22 students/29 total=76%

We had a total of 147 students who were eligible for the attendance incentive drawing, out of 177 total students!  That means that 83% of our students missed one day or less during the month.  Keep it up!!

Our monthly attendance stars are:
K=Payton Lair                3rd=Katy Smith
1st=Kenna Davis             4th=Justin Payne       
2nd=Makenzie Willis          5th=Lauren Dalby

These students will enjoy a slush from Casey's on us!  Their names were drawn from all of the students who missed one day or less.

Thank you parents for making sure that your student is at school!  

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