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Environmental and Spatial Technology (E.A.S.T.)

This course is a self direct learning class. Your project will be about ways you can learn to effect your local community. You must think your project through, thoroughly. You will have to acknowledge budgets, resources, and skill sets to use in your project. In order to be approved, you will present your project information to the head principal. Your class facilitator is Mrs. Britt. She will provide you with inspiration and encouragement.  You will be required to find solutions to motivate and encourage you  to resume the project. The amount of work you put in each day will affect your grade. You will be graded weekly on your participation to your project.

9th graders learning more about EAST with Jason Altamirano

When choosing a project consider:
  • What are your interests?

  • Things that could benefit the community.

  • Interview individuals at the school or in your community.

  • Talk to other students in class.

Project Examples:

Video game tutorial- This group plans to make an impact on the community by providing a service to create a game. They use soft-wares, Unity and Adobe Photoshop, to work on this project. They also use geometry with the game by referring to a grid with X,Y,and Z coordinates.

Mock Car Accident- The mock car accident is a stimulation for texting and driving. They use a scrap car and theater members to react the scene of an accident.


Environmental Awareness- This project is testing Lake Hamilton for pollutants like Chlorine and Phosphate, to see if the aquatic life is safely balanced for children. Also they will advertise vertical farming to persuade farmers to grow upwards instead of out. This method of farming is beneficial because it’s an easier way to reuse the dirt.

Big Pitch Film Festival S.O.S- For this project EAST students were paired up and created a video and a storyboard that shows how smoking is bad. The videos and storyboards were sent to the Big Pitch Film Festival website. They were entered in a contest that was statewide with the first prize being $1,500 to the school media funding and $50 per person in their group.  

EAST Achievements

Aluminum Recycling

In the EAST program students recycled aluminum throughout the school year to purchase motion sensing switches. That resulted in the Green Schools Challenge.
Green Schools Challenge
The school purchased motion sensing switches to conserve energy in the dressing rooms. Entergy savings from the field house went to make eco friendly changes to the Jr. High School. Entergy gave a rebate of $4,000 to install fluorescent lights.

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