Logan High School Counseling


The School Counseling Department's mission is to actively assist all students with academic and personal needs and post-secondary plans.  The department works collaboratively with students, families, and the community to guide students to become responsible members of society and productive citizens in the global environment.
The Guidance program at Logan High School is a comprehensive department that provides academic advising and professional counseling support services to students.  Individual counseling seeks to accommodate personal, career and vocational, college placement, academic, and referral needs.
Counselors frequently meet with parents and teachers in the best interest of students.  Consultation involves sharing information to develop, monitor, and manage student educational and career plans.
The Guidance Department coordinates many activities at Logan High School.  We handle school registration, scheduling, reporting of grades, and transcripts. 
The Guidance Counselors are members of a team of caring professionals at Logan High School.  They collaborate with parents, teachers, various agencies, and schools.