3D Printing from AutoDesk Revit - Autodesk University 2008

posted Sep 8, 2011, 4:42 PM by Charles Overy

Class Description

The use of physical models has long been an integral part of the architectural workflow. Low cost machines that automatically build physical objects from virtual data are becoming widely available. It is relatively easy to use these machines in industrial design applications; however, there are issues that make 3D printing an architectural model more complex. Autodesk Revit provides excellent data for 3D printing once the user understands the 3D printing process and the steps necessary to prepare the data. This course will provide a brief overview of 3D printing followed by a more rigorous look at the data requirements for these processes. We will look at how Revit provides solutions for many common 3D printing problems including preprocessing data through the use of filters and geometry substitutions. We will also look at solutions for post-processing exported geometry.

Class Highlights

  • Describe the data requirements for 3D printing, including the transition from Autodesk data to robust tessellated meshes

  • Select the correct 3D printing technology for various models and projects

  • Prepare Revit files for 3D printing, including pre-processing in Revit and post-processing mesh data

  • Use Autodesk and outside tools to simplify the 3D printing process

  • Begin to use 3D printing and Revit as viable design visualization tool
Charles Overy,
Sep 8, 2011, 4:46 PM