Spanish Links

Here are some great websites for the class to go into for extra study and resources:

1.  Textbook Website for each level:
Look for your book under world languages and Spanish according to your level.  Search for the Unidad (Unit) we are in and use the virtual flashcards to study vocabulary.
Use the self quizzes to study for Quizzes and Exams.  A lot of the questions WILL be used on your exams.
The grammar charts are great as well to help clarify some of the grammar concepts.

2.  Liberty Charter Website
Here you will be able to go to the Teacher web pages and look at grades as well.

3.  Spanish Dictionary online
This is a great site for online Spanish-English translation as well as other great refrences for words.  Please note that the best place to find your vocabulary words is in your text book and vocabulary lists that I provide.

4.  Study Spanish Website
A great site for you to go further in your Spanish grammar.  Lots of alternative explanations and exercises for all levels of Spanish.

5.  Quizlet Flashcard Site
Another great site for generating flashcards and studying them on your computer.  Type in srsanchez under find cards and search my Library and also search either Avencemos 1, 2 or 3 to find flashcard sets that go directly with our book.
***If you have a iPhone/iTouch/iPad or an App capable device you can also download the App "Flashcardlet" and pull from the quizlet sets that are available.

6.  EdModo- Class platform

We will be using this site quite a bit this year.  I will be post online quizzes for the weekend and also videos, power points, polls and other media resources my students may use.  Each student has created an account and is responsible to remember their username and password.  

7.  DuoLingo - Quick and easy Spanish review 

A great site and app for reviewing basic grammar concepts through all 4 modules or learning.