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Uncle Jed's Barbershop

Uncle Jed's Barbershop was written by Margaree King Mitchell.  This story shows how many people's dreams are created by hard work, patience and perseverance - especially those who own their own businesses. This story takes place during the Great Depression, when money was scarce and everyone's stocks crashed. Uncle Jed had always wanted to own his own barbershop, but the narrator, his niece Sarah Jean, becomes very ill and needs an operation. Uncle Jed pays the $300 for the operation even though it means a delay in getting his own barbershop. After Sarah Jean's operation he kept on cutting hair - even when people didn't have money, they gave him eggs, vegetables or hot meals instead. He saved his money and kept his dream. Soon he had enough money for his own shop.
Spelling Words: 
offer, winner, zipper, will well, he'll, isn't, taking, monkeys, stitches, used, cutting, clippers, saving, died

Bonus Words:
1. opportunities
2. occurring
3. mightn't

Vocabulary Words:
equipment - tools and supplies for a given purpose
sharecroppers - people who farm someone else's land and are paid with a share of the crop
exchange - trade one thing for another
delayed - caused to wait
examine - look at in detail
failing - losing all its worth
Comprehension Questions:
1. Why did Sarah Jean almost not have the operation? (her family couldn’t afford it)

2. What did Uncle Jed do when his customers couldn't pay? (accept payment in things rather than money)

3. Why did Uncle Jed work all night in his new shop? (he was so happy to have a shop of his own)

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