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The Keeping Quilt

Spelling Words: 
quit, quack, quick, quiet,, quite, squid, squint, squirt, square, squeak, question, squeeze, squirrel, quality, quilt

Bonus Words:

Vocabulary Words:
 flavor - a perticular taste
 handkerchief - cloth used to wipe the nose or face
 artificial - made by people, not natural
 bouquet - a bunch of flowers
 hauling - pulling, moving with force
Comprehension Questions: 
1. Why do you think Great-Gramma Anna’s family left Russia? Explain. 

2. According to the author, Great-Gramma Anna learned how to speak English in six months even though she knew none before she came to America. How do you think she managed to learn how to speak English so quickly? Explain. 

3. Why do you think Great-Gramma Anna’s parents never learned how to speak English even though they know they would never return to Russia? 

4. Your father has just been given a big promotion and your family is moving to Russia. Your parents have decided to send you to the nearby public school in Moscow. You are the only child in your class who doesn’t speak Russian. Neither the children nor the teacher speak English. You need to learn Russian quickly. How will you cope with the situation? 

5. Imagine that your family has decided to make a quilt out of bits and pieces of clothing that has meaning for all of you. What pieces would you choose and what would be their significance? Explain. 


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