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The Go-Around Dollar

The Go-Around Dollar is a realistic fiction piece that has a non-fiction part and a fiction part to it.  The story was written by Barbara Johnston Adams.  In the non-fiction part of each page, information on how paper money is made, circulated, and monitored is given. All paper money starts its life at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, is sent to one of 12 Federal Reserve Banks across our country and then goes out into public use. In the fiction part of each page, the students will be following a cartoon story of what MIGHT happen to a dollar bill one day (a girl drops it, a boy finds it, he spends it, it is given back to another girl as change, it goes through the wash in her jeans, and so on).
Spelling Words: 
playground, underground, chalkboard, spacewalk, sidewalk, rainbow, anything, campfire, eyelash, shoelaces, something, overprinting, neighborhood, sometimes

Bonus Words:
1. grandparent
2. quarterback
3. weatherman

Vocabulary Words:
 circulation - movement around many different places or people
 tender - money, payment
 emblem - sign or figure that stands for something
 formuls - set method for doing something
 pyramid - object with triangular sides that meet at a point at the top
 official - formal and proper
Comprehension Questions: 
1.   What causes dollar bills to wear out so quickly? (go from person to person so much)

2.   Why do store owners sometimes put a dollar bill inside of a frame? (it's their 1st dollar and has special meaning)

3.   Why is the formula for the dollar bill's ink a secret? (prevent people from making fake bills)

Additional Resources: