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Storm in the Night

This story is about a young boy, his grandfather, and their cat during a fearsome thunder storm. There is a power failure, so that there is nothing to do except talk. Whatever fears the boy has are quelled by his grandfather's wit, understanding, and a comforting story. 
Spelling Words: 
batch, catch, latch, match, lamb, limb, comb, calf, thumb, ditch, crumb, scratched, kitchen, half

Bonus Words:

Vocabulary Words:
 repeats - something that is done again
 brave - having courage
 errand - a short trip to do something
 overcome - to beat or conquer
 natural - not artificial or made by humans
Comprehension Questions:
1. Make a list of all of the onomatopoeic words. Which word on this list do you think best “brought the storm to life”? Why? 

2. In the story, Thomas finds it almost impossible to imagine his grandfather as a kid. Can you imagine any of your grandparents as a child, or, are you like Thomas, only able to see them as they are today? Explain your answer. 

3. At one point in the story it seems as if Thomas made his grandfather angry. Explain what happened. 

4. Thomas keeps asking his grandfather for “repeats.” Do you think it would be better for Thomas to be more open to new stories? Explain your answer. 

5. The author used two interesting, sensory adjectives to describe the sense of smell. Find the words and explain why they make the story seem “so real.”

Additional Resources: