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Oral History

Oral history is a form of storytelling that began before written communication.  It was a way for families to record their history and stories. Cultures and families
across the world are still using oral history to preserve their heritage. 
Spelling Words: 
know, knee, kneel, knife, knit, wrap, wren, wreck, wrist, wrong, write, who, knew, known, written

Bonus Words:

Vocabulary Words:
ancestors - people from whom one is descended
records - written accounts
inherited - received property or money of a person who has died
folklore - tales or traditions handed down from one generation to the next among a group of people
recited - repeated from memor
Comprehension Questions:
1. Does your family tell stories?
2. Can you think of a story your family has told at a family gathering?
3. Are those stroies written down?

Additional Resources: