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A Story A Story

Long, long ago there were no stories on earth for children to hear. All stories belonged to Nyame, the Sky God. Ananse, the Spider man, wanted to buy some of these stories, so he spun a web up to the sky and went up to bargain with the Sky God. The price the Sky God asked was Osebo, the leopard of-the-terrible-teeth, Mmboro the hornet who-stings-like-fire, and Mmoatia the fairy whom-men-never-see. Ananse sets out to collect the items and get the stories from Nyame, his clever ways and wit win him the stories.

Spelling Words: 
 splint, splash, splatter, sprinkle, sprout, spring, strap, strike, string, streak, stronger, spun, stories, sticky, slap

Bonus Words:

Vocabulary Words:
defenseless - helpless
descendants - people who come from a particular ancestor or group of ancestors
flamboyant - strikingly colorful or decorated
furious - violently angry
tatter - to tear
Comprehension Questions:
1. Develop a flow map that follows Ananse from the beginning to end of his tasks. 

2. Ananse stories are often referred to as “Tricksters’ Tales.” What did you learn from reading “A Story, A Story” that might support this idea? 

3. Of all Ananse’s traps, which do you think is the most clever? Explain. 

4. Choose one of the illustrations and describe it. Begin by clearly describing the main figures and their gestures, expressions, or stance. Describe the colors, and the overall feeling the picture gives you. 

Additional Resources: