Hello! My name is Kristin Van Fossen and I am so excited to be your child’s teacher this year! Together we are going to learn a lot, and have a great time doing so!  This page will give you a little more information about me and our class routines!  Attached you will find paperwork detailing volunteering opportunities, including field trip driver paperwork.  Please complete and return the paperwork as soon as possible. 



I grew up in St. Petersburg, FL.  I graduated from the University of South Florida where I earned a degree in Elementary Education with certifications in Special Education, English as a Second Language, and Reading.  I have spent time in different capacities in grades from 1-5.  This will be my first year teaching at Literacy First and I couldn’t be more excited!


Educational Philosophy

I believe education is a life long journey and that the foundation in elementary school fuels your desire to learn for the rest of your life.  A teacher’s job is to instill a love and curiosity for learning, so that students may continue to grow as learners.


Our classroom:

Homework:  Homework packets will be sent home each Monday.

* Math homework: Each math assignment needs to be returned the day after it is listed for homework. Each assignment goes with the math assignment from that day, so please do not let your child do their homework ahead of time as this may confuse them as to what to do.

* Reading homework is to read each night for at least 15 minutes OUT LOUD. They may read any book they like that is at their just right reading level. Remember: Practice makes perfect!

* Wonders Tests and Spelling Tests: Students will be tested each Friday in these areas. Please help your child to succeed by studying their spelling words with them each night.  Discussing the stories each will also help them. 


Classroom Management:  DOJO

This year I will be using class dojo.  Cass Dojo is an online point tracking system, where each child gets their own avatar.  They will individually earn points for successful learner behaviors and lose points when they are not showing successful learner behaviors. Parents will be able to monitor their child’s behavior using their personal technology (phone app) throughout the day.  Attached you will find your child’s code and directions on how to sign up and be connected to our class DOJO!  (Please return the bottom section to me.) Once connected you will be able to receive email updates daily, see your child’s progress, and your student will be able to create an avatar that will show up in class tomorrow.  At back to school night, I will go over the specific learner behaviors that will gain and lose those points.  As they earn more and more points I will have rewards for them at each step.


Beginning of the Year NEWS:


Back To School Night: Thursday, 9/7 at 6:30 PM! Please stop by to learn about what we will be doing this year!


Parent Volunteers:

All parent volunteers will be chosen AFTER Back To School Night. This will allow me to explain each job, the importance of your commitment to helping, and to answer any questions you may have!


Contact Information:

Please make sure to take the time each week to look at our class website for important information in regards to what’s happening with us! The website is:



My door is always open if you have any questions! Please feel free to make an appointment with me at anytime!


Phone: Please call the school. (619) 579-7232 

If you leave a message, I will get back to you as soon as possible!

E-mail: kristin.vanfossen@lfcsinc.org


                                                          Looking forward to a great year!

                                                                                                                Kristin Van Fossen