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We're nearing the end! All assignments and make-up work are due by Friday, 4/9. Finals are the following week. Summer reading assignments for this summer (2017) are now attached at the bottom of this page. Notice there is one for incoming 9th graders and one for those entering 10th through 12th. These summer assignments will also be on our school website soon if they are not already. Remember that they are due at student orientation next fall: Thursday, August 17. My personal website here, will disappear at the end of this school year because I am retiring. It's been a wonderful journey. Thank you for letting me have a part in the lives of so many amazing young men and women!

How to succeed:




Treat everyone and everything with respect.
BE kind.
BE considerate.


BE prepared.
Come every day
    -on time
    -dressed for success
    -with a ready-to-learn attitude,
    -supplies in hand,
    -homework ready

Follow all school rules, classroom procedures, and directions.


BE engaged!
BE thorough!
BE honest!


1. several pens (dark ink) and pencils (with erasers)
2. planner and pass sticker
3. lined paper with no ragged edges (9th needs 2 pages per day--11th needs more)
4. Independent reading book
5. Interactive Reader (9th)

Access to a computer at home with Internet and printing capabilities will greatly enhance students' progress in these classes.

Need to print but you don't have a printer? Use the school print shop--but be responsible enough to get it emailed before 7am and be at the door to pick up at 8am.

Attendance in all classes for which a student is registered is an essential part of meeting the requirements to pass each course. Students will not receive credit for a registered course if they have more than 7 excused or unexcused absences within any one semester. Course absences can be made up by completing the missed course work through an independent contract provided the missed course work is completed within 2 weeks of the due date or by completing the missed course work during Saturday school.

SAT question of the day: click here.

ENGLISH 1-2:    

ESLR year-long focus: Responsible Community Leader

ESLR quarter 1 focus: Self Directed Learner

ESLR quarter 2 focus: Values Conscious Thinker

ESLR quarter 3 focus: Effective Communicator

ESLR quarter 4 focus: Literate Citizen

Independent Reading: self-selected books chosen specifically for appropriateness to broaden, deepen, and strengthen the individual student’s reading experiences. Daily reading logs, quizzes, book docs, teacher conferences.

Due dates semester 1:

    1. Fri 9/23; 2. Fri 10/21; 3. Fri 12/16           

Due dates semester 2:
    4. Fri 2/24; 5. Fri 3/31; 6. Fri 5/19

Semester 1:
Collection 1: Finding Common Ground
    Can people learn to live together?
    What is an individual's role in society?
Collection 2: The Struggle for Freedom
    What is the universal the desire for freedom?
     Should it be given or must it be demanded?
Collection 3: The Bonds Between Us
    What links us to others?

Semester 2: 
Collection 4: Sweet Sorrow
    What is the nature of love?
    What are the conflicts that surround love?
Collection 5: A Matter of Life or Death
    How do humans endure in the face of adversity?
    What are the personal qualities necessary for                 survival? 
    How do people adapt in order to survive?
Collection 6: 
    Why do people undertake arduous journeys?  

Download syllabus below from the bottom of this page. 
Check out this page in the list to the left. In it you will find downloads for your course syllabus, LCHS writing rubrics, benchmark study guides, independent reading documents and a whole lot more as the year progresses.

 Academic Integrity in all classes:
All work must represent original work done by the student alone. Any work on an assignment that comes from someone else must include acknowledgment of that person’s contributions. Citations are a must. Cheating and plagiarism are serious offenses. At the first offense, the student will receive a zero and the office and parents will be notified. Subsequent consequences include suspension.


Students can now print on campus through our "Print Shop." Go to  the LCHS website, the "Students" tab, and the "Print Shop" link. Directions are found on that link. Students attach their document to an email and send it to Then they coordinate with Mrs. Valles on when to pay for it and pick it up.


Summer Project--2 books from list, 1 book self-chosen plus compare- contrast essay, plus TedTalk assignment. Download directions from the bottom of this page.

Independent Reading: self-selected books chosen specifically for appropriateness to broaden, deepen, and strengthen the individual student’s American literature reading experiences. Daily reading logs, quizzes, book docs, teacher conferences. Students will be reading books from 5 different eras plus Michael Sandel's Justice.

Due dates semester 1: 1. Fri 9/23; 2. Fri 10/21; 3. Fri 12/16

             Due dates semester 2: Justice Fri 2/24; 4. Fri 3/31; 5. Fri 5/19

All AP Lang students are required to pay for and take the AP Lang exam. Exam date: May 3, 2017.

1st quarter: Rhetoric basics
2nd quarter: Rhetorical analysis and Argument
3rd quarter: Argument and Synthesis
4th quarter: Prepare for the exam (May3)
End-of-year project (present 1st week in June)

Download syllabus below from the bottom of this page.

All AP students have a google docs folder shared with them for essentials and helps for the class--including an assignment calendar. If parents or guardians would like access to that folder, please email me your request and I will share it with you.

Grading Periods 2016-2017


Quarter 1,  Progress Report #1 on 9/26

   All work due by 9/23

Quarter 1, Progress Report #2 on 11/7

   All work due by 11/4

Quarter 2, Progress Report #3 on 12/12

   All work due by 12/9

End of Semester 1 grade on 1/23

   All work due by 1/13, then complete finals.


Quarter 3, Progress Report #4 on 2/27

   All work due by 2/24

Quarter 3, Progress Report #5 on 4/3

   All work due by 3/31

Quarter 4, Progress Report #6 on 5/15

   All work due by 5/12

End of Semester grade on 6/16

   All work due by 6/9, then complete finals.

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Jun 5, 2017, 6:47 AM