This year I am teaching the following classes:

Module 1 - Garment Making
Students will start with basic sewing skills and advance to using a pattern to be able to make their own clothing. 

Module 3, 4, 5 - Art 1:
Basic art skills beginning with drawing, then learning how to use other mediums within the arts. 

Module 5 - Art 2:
Art 2: A continuation of skills learned from Art 1 and then applying more advanced techniques. 

Module 5 - AP Art 2-D:
An Advanced Placement course where students will create up to 29 art pieces for their AP portfolio. 

Module 6 - Home and Career Life Skills
This class includes basic sewing and cooking skills along with nutrition.

Module 7 - Reading Fluency
This class helps students improve their reading comprehension fluency. 

You can reach me by email at: shaune.dulay@lfcsinc.org
Please check the page for the class schedule and assignments.

Parent Opportunities
Please join my classes this year if you have any special skills or know of someone who is, in the art or home arts fields, please let me know. Email me your interests in being involved in our class at:  shaune.dulay@lfcsinc.org. I would love to hear from you!