Welcome students, parents, teachers and friends!  This will be an exciting year at Literacy First Junior Academy.  Your child will be diving into topics concerning the "Medieval World and Beyond".  We'll be using an engaging text (i.e. TCI History Alive: The Medieval World and Beyond) to facilitate your child's learning.  

Students will use a variety of methods to discover their inner historian.  To do so, we will be examining primary sources, participating in simulation activities, creating projects and working with others to develop an understanding of our past.  While we will start with European history, we'll move across the world to Empires in Africa, then on to the Aztecs, Mayas and Incas in the Americas and over to Asia to discover what's also happening in medieval China and Japan.  By focusing on themes and civilizations in the medieval timeframe, students will learn the California state standards and develop critical thinking skills from Common Core standards.  These skills will help students in future history classes and in their future lives as they grow.


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