Important Dates:

The Codex Project for Language Arts is due Monday!
This is our Informational writing for the Maya, Aztec and Inca on your child's Google Docs.
Each student should turn in two copies of a Final Draft of their paper on Monday that contains the following:
1. Cover Page (drawn or typed:  The Codex Project by _______________) Can have designs/art on it representing the topics covered in this unit.
2. Maya Paragraph, picture and caption
3. Aztec paragraph, picture and caption
4. Inca paragraph, picture and caption
5. Reference list
Each # above should be on a separate sheet of paper and stapled together to make an information packet, a.k.a. The Codex Project.
(This has been a project we've been working on for several weeks, and should only require some editing or revision at home!)

**If you do not have a printer at home, and you cannot make copies at a Kinko's or Office Depot, I'm happy to print them out. Please let me know over the weekend...not on Monday!