Peer Mediation Homepage

This Site will serve students and staff with easy access to information about the Mediators, how to request a mediation as well as resources and information about bullying and conflict resolution.
What is Peer Mediation?
Peer Mediation is a program that allows student mediators to resolve conflicts among their peers.  The mediators work with the student disputants to resolve the conflict and arrive at a win-win peaceful resolution.  Referrals can be made by the students, parents, administrators, counselors, teachers and support staff.  Peer Mediation is made up of both Veteran Mediators and Mediators in training.   All Mediators go through extensive training in conflict resolution  to empower the students to resolve issues they are having with their peers. 
What types of issues would I bring to Mediation?
The Peer Mediators can deal with all types of peer conflict including but not limited too;  relationship issues - boyfriend, girlfriend,  friends, and bullying and cyberbullying.
Why would I request a mediation?
1)  The Mediators are trained to help students resolve their issues in a friendly, confidential, and fair environment.
2)  It is better to resolve the issues right away so that the stress does not interfere with schoolwork.
3)  Because resolving the issue will make you feel better
When would the mediation take place?
After the request is made Ms. Muldoon will arrange a time period when all parties are available to meet.  This will occur within 24 hours of the request.