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From this Home page you have access to important tools you will need to be successful in your science studies and more.  You can find these tools from two menus,  the first on the right side and the second across the top.

The Side Menu . . .

The Shout Out button brings you to a page where you and your classmates' work will be displayed regularly. 

Check out the Science News section for the latest fascinating happenings in the world of science.

Clicking on our Minion Friends will take you to some candid pics of you and your classmates doing science.

The Top Menu Bar . . .

Click on the Now button to see what's going on in science class this week and get quick access to related resources.

The Units button reveals topics we will be exploring this year.   Each unit page displays learning targets, resources for investigation,  practice exercises, activities for English language learners, "Going Further" activities,  and a section called "Why?".    All items found under each unit are specific to that unit.
(Note: Materials for certain topics will be made available as we approach them.)

From the Tools button you have quick access to many of the online tools you will be using this year.  At the top is Google Classroom.  This is where you will receive and hand in assignments, view announcements and gain instant access to the unit resources to focus on now.  Look through the rest to know what's available when you need it.   Tools are not specific to individual units but will reveal lists of items from all units.

The My Progress button gets you to the Aspen login.   There you can see your science progress at any time.   Your progress on various state standards and individual assignments will be displayed.   At the end of the term you will see your overall grade. 

The Parents button shows parents good ways to help you be successful in science.  Be sure to show your folks this webpage so they can be of help to you when you need it.  (Note, this is currently under construction)

Finally you can learn a little about me from the About Mr. W button; my background, approach to teaching science and contact information.

As you can see this Science Home Page is an important part of your science experience this year. Do come back here frequently and have an awesome year!

Mr. Werner

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