Guidance Services

What can guidance do for the students of the Swansea High School?

Guidance services are available to every student at Swansea High School .  Students may schedule appointments in the guidance area.  Appointments may be made during class time with teacher permission.

Parents/ guardians are also welcome to consult with the guidance counselor. Parent conferences are often helpful when a student is experiencing academic or personal problems. Or when students are in the process of setting goals for the future.

Students are urged to see the counselor whenever an academic or personal problem arises. Information given to guidance counselors is strictly confidential unless a students’ safety is an issue.

Guidance Programs:

Leader's Edge: Leader's Edge is a group designed to help students develop already existing leadership skills for the betterment of their school and community.

Lunch Bunch:  Student's can request to eat lunch with the guidance counselor during their lunch period to discuss any issues they may be having in school.  They may bring up to 4 of their friends with them to lunch.

Career Guidance Workshops: Each month students can sign-up to join Ms. Porter and Ms. Williams in researching a career cluster offered in Lexington School District #4. Every month is a different career cluster, which allows undecided students the opportunity to explore their future career options.  Students will research specific careers in that cluster to determine if this is a field they may be interested in for their future.

"Ensuring Student Success at the Highest Level."

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