Welcome to Our Classroom

What is Montessori, Anyway?

    Montessori is a hands on approach to learning that was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori.  She believed that the education of a child should be at the child's lead.  She believed in creating citizens of the world and having children be responsible in their own environment.  She wanted education to create functioning adults.


    The Montessori classroom looks and works differently than a traditional classroom in several ways.  There are few desks to restrict movement.  Montessori believed that children learn through movement and should be allowed to move freely to their work spaces.  Children in a Montessori classroom are usually allowed to choose the lessons they want to work on. the students work at their own pace.  The teacher works with individual students or small groups based on the children's needs.  In some instances, you may see children caring for plants and classroom pets or cleaning up the classroom.  While this may not look like learning, the children are actually learning valuable lessons about how to care for themselves, their environment, and the world.  You will also see children of different ages in the same classroom.  Usually there are three ages grouped together. A Montessori classroom is a peaceful, productive place to learn!