This website is designed with the hope of easing your load when it comes to your English course work.  Here you can feel free to explore around and find everything that you will need throughout the school year.  This website is constantly being updated with new material, so it is expected that you will be visiting frequently and actively.  Here are some of the things you can find on this site:

  • Classes
    • This is where you can find the homepage to your section of English.  This is where you will locate your agenda and a calendar with important due dates in the future.
  • Literature
    • Here you will find a brief synopsis of some of the literature that you can expect to read throughout the school year.
  • Resources
    • Some helpful links and documents that can be helpful when navigating your way through English class.
  • Parents
    • Here parents can find the best ways to contact me about discussing their students academic progress
  • About Me
    • A brief history of myself and my hobbies.