I am the literacy and instructional coach for Frances Mack Intermediate School. My job is to work with educators to integrate effective instructional practices into all classes. 

Contact Info:
161 Gaston St, Gaston, SC 29053
(803) 490-7004


Our Purpose:  

We guide and empower students through exploration, collaboration, and innovation.

Our Core Values:

GROW: We continually learn through individual inquiry, collaborative practice, and purposeful reflection.

SERVE: We passionately and empathically support our students, our teachers, and our community through nurturing and empowering relationships.    

Our Aspiring Values:

INNOVATE: We purposefully seek new ways to engage learners and solve problems.

PERSEVERE: We are committed to intentionally developing our ability to engage in self-reflection, passionate discussion, and purposeful action.

Our Core Beliefs:

  • Students First. Always.

  • Learning is maximized when students take ownership of the process.

  • A risk taking culture within a nurturing environment is necessary for growth.

  • Everyone has a passion and can learn.

  • Building relationships leads to a peaceful, positive and productive community.

  • Our strength is found in the value of each individual’s voice.

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