Dr. Furtick's Home Page

Welcome to the sixth grade!  I am excited to be teaching all subjects this year! The Social Studies curriculum focuses on the ancient civilizations that have helped influence our world today including hunters and gatherers, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Middle Age Europeans, and Native Americans.  The ELA curriculum will focus on building reading, writing, and researching skills while using authentic examples.  Like ELA, the math curriculum will introduce new skills while applying them to real-world situations.  Science curriculum will build on the topics students were introduced to in fourth grade, including weather, plants and animals, and energy.  
Students will need notebooks every day for my class.  They can use a multi-subject notebook, or four individual composition notebooks, depending of their preference.  They may use black or blue erasable pen in their notebooks, but must have pencils as well.  Colored pencils will also be needed, along with a pencil case to keep them in.  

Each night, students will be expected to read and review their notes.  Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns.  Although sixth graders are becoming more and more independent, parents still play an important role in their success!

Weekly newsletters will be emailed in both English and Spanish.  If you do not have email, you may request that a paper copy is sent home with your child.