Graduation Requirements

GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS (total credits for graduation=25)
4 years of English (2 years of Writing)
3 years of Mathematics 
2 years of Science 
2 years of Social Studies (one must include U.S. History) 
Must pass U.S. & Illinois Constitutions 
1 year of Vocational Education, Fine Arts, or Foreign Language 
1 semester of Consumer Economics 
1 semester of Health 
4 years of Physical Education (exemptions may apply to PE requirement) 
Elective credits to bring the total to 25 

State of Illinois Public University and Junior College Transfer Program Admission Requirements 
4 years of English 
3 years of Mathematics (including Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry) 
3 years of lab Science (including Biology I, Physical Science, Chemistry, Physiology, and Physics.) 
3 years of Social Studies
2 years of Art or Spanish 

(Please note, some schools only require 2 years of both Science and Social Studies. Check the individual college or university's admission requirements.)