Teacher Biography

My name is Ann Franklin and I am delighted to be at Pickett Elementary. I am the Reading Specialist at Pickett Elementary and work with students and teachers. I am proud to be a part of the Pickett Elementary  family. I am proud to be an Educator and hold high expectations for my students as well as myself. My objective is to provide a safe and respectful environment that allows every student to have an equal opportunity to learn and are inspired to do so daily. I believe that I will only receive from my students what I expect from them, therefore I will expect their best. My desire is for them to blossom and to believe in their ability!
Basically I have one rule in my room and it covers pretty much everything...make no problem. Make no problem for yourself, your classmates, your teachers, or your parents. If you choose to make a problem, please be prepared to accept the consequences for your actions. 
We each have job at school, my students job is to learn as much as they can every day. My job is teach them as much as I can every day. We must all work together so that we can be successful...Students, Teachers and Parents. Please feel free to visit at any time!