Just For Parents


There is now a Read To Achieve Live Binder just for parents. Here you can find sample portfolio passages to practice with your child and updates to the Read to Achieve Law. Please use the link below to access this new Live Binder.


Find out about The North Carolina Read To Achieve Law and how to help your child with the Reading Progression. The Read to Achieve Live Binder has excellent resources as well as the law itself. You will find tabs that reference: mClass Assessments, the Portfolio Process for third graders, and Read to Achieve updates for parents.


Studies have shown that reading at home is the most important thing that you can do to ensure your child's reading success. Below are some hints to help your child:
Decoding / working out an unknown word:
>Get your mouth ready / Lips the fish
>Check the picture
> Look for a part you know (little word within the word)
> Look for a rhyme you know
> Make the first & last sound & move on
> Reread the sentence
Comprehension / understanding of the story:
> Think about the story as you read
> Question what is happening
> Summarize what you have read
> Predict what you think is going to happen
> Reread for understanding
> Make connections for deeper understanding
> Write about your reading
Reading is Fundamental - ideas on how to help your child with reading 
Reading Rockets - excellent parent resources, great ideas
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