Making every moment an authentic time for learning and engaging in 21st Century Activities.

Thanks to our wonderful stakeholders for continually supporting that Jacket Pride at 
Lexington Senior High School.


90 – 90 – 0

(90% of the students will graduate on time, 

90% of those children graduating being accepted into a 2 or 4 year post secondary

institution or accepted into the military

0% of those students will require remediation at the 
2 or 4-yr post secondary institution)

Our System Wide Student Goals

26 Penry Street
Lexington, North Carolina 27292
             Phone: (336) 242-1574               
Fax: (336) 242-1285

"To support an environment where high expectations foster lifelong success within a positive climate of diversity."

Monique Curry~ Principal


Jihan Harvey-Assistant Principal


Holly Hinson-Assistant Principal


Trent Taylor~ Assistant Principal


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