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Preparing Students for the Future . . . NOW!

Lexington School District Three understands that technology is a critical tool in the pursuit of a child’s education. Lexington Three uses a variety of technology resources to provide both depth and breadth to to our educational approach and to engage him/her in learning both now and in the future.

Using the Profile of the SC Graduate to focus our work, we strive to prepare our graduates with the world class knowledge and skills that will enable them to thrive in the college and workplace environments that await them. Through the integration of technology in the classroom, we encourage the 21st Century Skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. We feel strongly that the use of these devices as learning tools will enrich our students’ education, prepare them to be global citizens, and equip them for future learning in ways that we cannot foresee.

Indeed, the use of technology in the classroom enables our students to develop the advanced research skills of locating, critiquing and analyzing a variety of resources, while using their critical thinking skills to compile and present new learning through engaging digital platforms. Through digital assessment opportunities, students learn to self-assess and reflect on their learning. In addition, collaborative learning opportunities are leveraged using a variety of tools that encourage digital conversations and reflections. The establishment of Digital Workflow practices through Learning Management Systems, such as Google Classroom and Seesaw, assists students with organization and scheduling, as well. Without a doubt, technology in the classroom enables teachers to personalize learning and empowers students to take ownership in their learning!

The contents of this site are aimed at assisting you as you integrate technology into your classroom to meet your instructional objectives. This site is continuously under development and will be updated often!