Blended Learning Information

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The classroom is designed as a blended learningenvironment, in which teachers and students seamlessly integrate traditional means of learning with technological advances. In a blended learning environment the student is at the center of the learning, and the responsibility for achieving learning goals is entirely the student's. Blended learning provides ample opportunity to students to learn and acquire new knowledge and skills. In my class, these opportunities will be delivered through various learning models. In effect, your student will have choice and flexibility in how they learn, use time, and achieve. There will be transparency in how your student is performing, through Google Drive, Power School, weekly lesson plans & calendars, and other technology platforms. Talk with your student about these opportunities regularly, so you can experience the fun and diversity of learning in our class, too. My Blended learning environment is open and honest, and built upon a core foundation of respect and hard work. Classes hit the ground running each day and maximize total use of time, inside and outside of the class. Students can expect that their course will engage them beyond the walls of 102 and after the 3:25 bell rings each day. This site will help enable that connection!