Welcome to the BC Grammar School Library Media Center Webpage!

 My name is Mrs. Jeanette Pine and I am excited to be your Media Specialist! I look forward to a great year of learning and reading! The Media Center's hours are 7:15 am to 2:30 pm.
The Mission of the BC Grammar School Library Media Center is to ensure that every child has the opportunity to explore the world through a variety of resources and to help all students become independent life-long readers and users of information.
The Mission of our school: to be a school that recognizes diversity, individuality and achievement and to provide innovative educational experiences where students are challenged to become critical and creative thinkers, responsible citizens and life long learners.
The Vision of our school: to be recognized as a school that differentiates instruction to prepare students for individual success.
The Beliefs of our school:
  • Education is a shared responsibility.  The success of the school depends directly on equal involvement and contribution of all its members – students, teachers, administrators, parents and the community.
  • Successful student learning is the primary focus of all school decisions, coupling a variety of instructional approaches with high expectations.
  • Learning is a never-ending process and should be provided in a positive, secure, stimulating environment that promotes achievement.
  • All students can learn when actively engaged and provided with a variety of instructional approaches.
  • All students have the right to a safe, healthy and nurturing environment.

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